Breeding Intro

Mate your cryptonites and create new cryptonites.

Like creatures on Planet Earth, Cryptonites can be bred to create a new offspring in the OWN Cryptoverse. Genesis NFTs will lead the civilisation and give birth to new generations.

Users can breed their cryptonites in the breeding arena on the OWN platform.

Why is Breeding required?

Breeding is a prominent supply source of new Cryptonites into the OWN Cryptoverse. The new offsprings produced by players can be used for various cases like:

  • Gameplay

  • Lending to other players

  • Selling to other players

Which Cryptonites can breed?

To avoid hyperinflation of Cryptonites, cryptonites with the below properties are restricted from breeding:

  • Cryptonites that are being used in the gameplay

  • Crytonites that have not achieved the required level in the game play. The level required for any NFT to be able to breed is Maximum of [RoundUP(Generation/3), 1]

  • Cryptonites that are under "Cool down period"

  • Cryptonites that have reached the "Breedopause" (bred 7 times already).

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