Cool Down & Egg Hatching Period

Cooldown Period

Each Cryptonite will go into a cooldown period post-breeding. During this cooldown period, the Cryptonite won't be able to take part in breeding. The cooldown period will be an important layer to ensure that NFT assets are not hyper-inflated due to mass production.

The cool-down period for any NFT will depend on its breeding count and its generation. All Genesis NFTs (Gen 0) will have a 50% lesser cool-down period than non-genesis NFTs.

Post breeding, the cooldown time will be updated on the NFT card. The NFT will become eligible for breeding again once the cooldown period is over.

Egg Hatching Period

The new egg created via breeding will incubate for 24 hrs. After this time, the egg will become ready to hatch. You will need to hatch out the offspring post completion of the incubation period, or the egg will hatch itself after 48 hrs.

You can check the time left to hatch the egg on the NFT card in your wallet.

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