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How to Breed

Getting started

  1. 1.
    To start breeding, navigate to the "Breeding tab" on the platform.
Breeding Arena
2. You will see a list of all your NFTs in the breeding arena. NFTs eligible to breed will be highlighted, whereas in-eligible NFTs will be greyed out in the list.
NFT list contains 1 in-eligible NFT
3. You need to select two eligible NFTs* to start breeding. To select the NFTs, just move your cursor on any highlighted cards, and you will see a button to select that NFT. Click on the "+" icon to select the cryptonite.
How to select Cryptonite
*If you don't have two eligible NFTs, you won't be able to proceed with breeding.
4. The payment details for the breeding event will appear in the arena once 2 cryptonites are selected.
Breeding cost with selected Cryptonites
5. The cost of breeding will compose of Breeding fees + $LFG tokens.
  • Breeding Fees - This is fixed at 15USDC for every breeding event.
  • $LFG Tokens (Life Gems) - $LFG tokens needed will depend upon the breeding count of the cryptonites participating in the breeding event.
    Required $LFG Tokens = (Breeding count of Parent 1 + Breeding count of Parent 2 + 2)
Breeding Cost Framework
The breeding cost is subject to adjustment based on a myriad of economic factors.
Payment Details for Breeding Event
If you don't have an adequate amount of (USDC/$LFG tokens) in your wallet during breeding, you can top up the wallet from the breeding arena itself.
Payment Interface
6. Once the breeding cost is paid, the breeding transaction will be submitted on the polygon blockchain. Once the transaction is complete on the blockchain, you will see a notification about the same and the breeding egg NFT will be submitted to your wallet.
Payment Successful & Breeding Transaction Submitted
Breeding Egg Notification
7. The breeding egg created via breeding will incubate for a period of 24 hrs before it can be hatched. You will need to hatch out the offspring after the incubation period, or the egg will break itself after 48 hrs. To reveal the egg, you can click on the "Reveal" button on the NFT in your wallet.
Cryptonite Reveal