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NFT Lifespan

Clan Sizes

Crypto token supplies come in 2 variations - fixed max supply or an infinite supply but with a credible burning mechanism to avoid hyperinflation. For example, Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 Million coins but for Ethereum, there is no maximum limit on supply. ETH however has a strong burning mechanism that ensures that the supply is under control.
The OWN Cryptonites are linked to cryptocurrencies and are highly affected by real-life blockchain dynamics. Each Crypto clan is either “Fixed” or “Infinite” in size based on the cryptocurrency it is representing.

Limited Clan

In our ecosystem, NFTs of Limited Size Clans do not die, but the population is capped at a max of 210k NFTs per clan.
The Cryptonites of a limited-size clan have a lifespan of 400 days. The birth date of each Cryptonite would be the reveal date of that NFT. You can check the age by clicking on it. (Reference image shown below)

Infinite Clans

Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM) and Polkadot (DOT) are Infinite. These NFTs will die after 400 days as there is no max cap to the population. This is similar to the burning mechanism of Infinite supply tokens.
The exception to this rule is that Generation 0 (Genesis) NFTs of Infinite size clans do not die. They are immortal.
Going forward, we are also working on showing the remaining lifespan of the NFT. For example 350/infinity or 350/400. We will also show the date on which the NFT will die on the NFT itself. (Example shown below)
If your NFT is going to die within the next 48 hours, it will be delisted automatically from the Marketplace. You will not be able to list the NFT for selling or borrowing or carry out any wallet-to-wallet transfer. You will also not be able to use it in any game of Crypto Fantasy or Prediction.
If you are buying an NFT, you will also be able to see the age of the NFT and how much more time it has to live. (Example shown below)

Death of the NFT

Once your NFT dies, you will be notified when you log in to the game. And as announced at the start of the project, as part of this burning mechanics, you will receive a Death Chest in exchange for the NFT. This Mystery Box will contain a mix of in-game assets and NFTs.
  • OWNers of Legendary NFTs that die have a 50% probability of getting an NFT apart from other in-game assets in the Death Chest.
  • OWNers of Epic NFTs that die have a 25% probability of getting an NFT apart from other in-game assets
  • OWNers of Rare and Common NFTs that die will not receive an NFT but will get other in-game assets in the Death Chest.
We will share more information on the Death Chest contents in the next update.