Discount Coupon for NFTs

One World Nation has exclusive discount coupons for all users and community members.

Why Discount Coupons

  • Making NFTs accessible - Discount coupons for NFTs are another way to lower the barrier to becoming an OWNer in the ecosystem.

  • Spending funds on the community - After PMF, it is now the time to scale the OWN ecosystem. While it is very regular to burn funds into paid ads or shillers in web3 but we decided to not go down that road. Instead of spending money on people who have little or no idea about the project to get us users, we chose to spend the money directly on the users.

  • More the NFTs, the more the rewards - Discounts are a great way not just to help new members become OWNers but also for existing OWNers to add more NFTs to their portfolio so they can scale their winnings.

Types of Discounts

We currently offer a 10% Discount on NFTs (up to $10). The NFTs eligible for a discount will be flagged so that users can identify them quickly.

Discounts are borne by the platform without giving any hit to the actual seller of NFT 😎

In the case of the BNPL NFT, the downpayment of the NFT will be discounted directly. For eg: An asset of 99$ with a downpayment of 29$ will cost you 89.1$ with a downpayment of just 19.1$.

Few Important Points to Note

  • You can only apply one discount coupon code per NFT.

  • You can giveaway your discount coupon code if you get that against OWN coins.

  • Each coupon is only usable once.

  • You can find the NFTs listed on discount here

  • Discount coupons in unclaimed raffle tickets will expire in 7 days with the raffle ticket.

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