How to Avail Discount Coupons

Grab the best deals and offers on Cryptonite NFTs

There are two ways you can currently avail of the discount.

  1. Raffle Tickets -> Every draw will have 5 lucky tickets with discount coupons.

  2. Buy a Discount Coupon through OWN Coins -> Users can get a discount coupon by redeeming 1000 OWN coins.

Discount Coupons as Raffle Rewards

If you're lucky, you could win Discount Coupons as Raffle Rewards. 5 Discount Coupon Codes are distributed during every draw.

Please note that the Discount Coupons have an expiration date. The expiration date gets calculated starting from when the raffle ticket has been claimed (and not when it was issued).

Discount Coupons received as Raffle Rewards are authorized for use only by the account that received the reward. They cannot be transferred or gifted.

Discount Coupons through OWN Coins

Luck is not the only factor for getting access to discounts. You can 'buy discounts' by exchanging the OWN Community Coins that you earn for positively contributing towards the growth of the community. There are many ways you can earn OWN Community Coins:

  • Perennial Tasks

    • Invite Frenzy -> Invite Others to Discord

    • Twitter Raids -> Engage with our Tweets

    • Vote for OWN -> Upvote our Discord Server on different aggregator listing websites

  • Ad Hoc Missions

    • We frequently distribute OWN Community coins as rewards for various tasks in the community. These are generally time-bound, so stayed tuned for announcements.

Once you accumulated the required amount of OWN coins, you can redeem them in exchange for Discount Coupons.

Fill this form to redeem OWN Community Coins for different rewards like Discount Coupons.

One key difference between Discount Coupon Codes received through OWN Community Coins redemption as opposed to the Raffle Reward is that the former can be shared with others well.

Once you've filled the form, kindly create a ticket on Discord. The Discount Coupon Code will be privately shared with you there by the Community Moderators.

These coupon codes also have a 7 day expiry period once they are issued (shared with you), so it is recommended to redeem them immediately.

For details, on how to redeem the discount in the Marketplace, move on to the next section.

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