How to Redeem Discounts

Redeeming discount coupons to purchase NFTs in the Marketplace

Visit the Marketplace: Here, you will see various NFTs that are available at Discounts with the tag "BUY OFFERS".

The NFTs which are available on discounts will periodically get shuffled.

You can also use the filter in the left navigation bar to quickly scan all the NFTs which are available on offer at various discounts. If you don't want to see the filtered view, click on the cross icon in the tag to go back to the full expanded view.

Once you've finalized which NFT you wish to purchase, apply the coupon code that you have availed.

A detailed price breakdown will be visible in the payment summary which shows you how much is the final discount.

For NFTs on BNPL, the discount is calculated on the full amount but is made on the down payment and will be redeemed immediately (not at the end of repayment).

Don't have a coupon code yet? Check out our previous section on how to avail discounts.

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