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OWN Clan Wars

Fight for the Glory of your Clan!
Welcome to Season 1 of the OWN Clan Wars Guide. It’s time to step onto the battleground as the first 2 clans fight against each other.
Each Season of Clan Wars will last for eight straight weeks with rewards being distributed every Chapter (once in 30 days). Each Season will have 2 Chapters with rewards given out on the 30th of each month.
If the Clans wins 1 Chapter each, at the end of the second chapter the overall points of both chapters will be added and the Clan with the highest points will win the Season.
To be eligible for the rewards, the Clans must participate in every activity and meet the basic requirements. Read on to see how you can join a clan, what activities we have in store for you and what exciting rewards you can win!

Joining a clan:

To join a Clan, choose from one of the 2 existing Clans: Shadow Wolves Vs. Matic Warriors. Two colours represent the two Clans: Black and Purple. Leaders of the respective clans are called Clan Heads and they are Shadow Wolves headed by DROGO | SHADOW WOLVES and Matic Warriors headed by $eeGee | MATIC WARRIORS| OWN. Once you choose a Clan, your name tag will change to the respective colour you have chosen on the OWN Discord server.

How to join?

To participate in the OWN Clan Wars,
  1. 1.
    Sign up on One World Nation and then join our Discord Server- https://discord.gg/uGKRCKxh.
  2. 2.
    Link your Discord on the OWN App/Web.
  3. 3.
    Change your Discord and One World Nation username with the Clan you represent as a Suffix For example, XYZ|Shadow Wolves OR /Crytoman | Matic Warriors
  4. 4.
    Reach out to the Clan Heads and start playing games to earn points for your team.
Note: Do not change the clan once you join it.

Season 1 - 1st August to 30th September

We started with some pre-season activities from the 19th of July to the 26th of July Clan-mates played in Crash Slam 2.0 and earned points by reaching the top of the leaderboards of the tournament. These points will be accounted for in Season 1. Points were calculated every day in the following manner:
Each Clan-mate who topped any of the 4 leaderboards during Crash Slam 2.0 earned 50 points for their Clan.

Season 1 Activities:

In each Chapter, there will be different activities for all to join. Below listed are the activities conducted during Chapter 1. Each clan can make a total of 2,48,100 Clan Points in Chapter 1. The clan with the most points wins the Chapter.
The Activities and Clan Points are as follows:
  1. 1.
    OWN Games: If the clan completes the daily eligibility criteria mentioned below - each clan-mate earns 500 points.
Daily Minimum OWN Games Threshold:
  • Crypto Fantasy - Have at least 1 team in the top 50 in any of the Leagues in the mega-contests
  • OWN Ludo - Win 2 games of Ludo
  • Jackpot - Play 20 rounds of Jackpot
  • OWN Mines - Win 5 games of Mines
  • Prediction - Win 3 rounds of Prediction
  • Crash - Cash-out at 2X multiple - 12 times to reach the daily leaderboard
  1. 2.
    Discord Session Activities: Members joining OWN discord sessions, shall be awarded 30 points per member provided the person stays in the session for at least 20 minutes. This will be calculated by Stat-bot and the results will be given out by the next day.
Eligibility: At least 3 members should be active in the same session to earn points for their Clan.
  1. 3.
    Social Quests: Clan-mates are required to do Zealy social tasks such as following, sharing, retweeting and many more. Doing these Zealy tasks will give each member 50 points.
Eligibility: At least 3 members should actively participate and finish the Social Quests on Zealy in a day to earn points for their Clan in the Zealy tasks.
  1. 4.
    Chat on the main-chat activity: Clan-mates can send a minimum of 50 messages per day on the discord main chat. This will be calculated by Stat-bot and the results will be given out by the next day. Each member will receive 30 points/day. Please do remember if clan-mates are found spamming on the chat, 5 points will be deducted from each member.
Eligibility: At least 3 members should actively participate and finish this activity on Disocrd in a day to earn points for their Clan
  1. 5.
    OWN Network - Clan-mates can get their Clans 1000 points through this activity! Bring in your friends to play OWN through the referral program. Head over to your profile, open the dropdown and go to the OWN Network tab. Share your code with your friends, activate them and keep levelling up while earning CC! Rules:
  • Each Clan will receive 50 points per member for each new level they unlock. This applies from Level 1 to Level 4.
  • If you reach Level 5, you will receive 100 points per member
  • And finally, if you reach Level 6, you will receive 200 points per member.
  1. 6.
    AI Art and Meme Competition - Generate AI cryptonite or make memes about OWN games and post them in Discord. The member that wins the competition earns 50 points for their Clan's Top 3 best memes and artwork will be posted on Social Media.
Eligibility: At least 3 members should actively participate and finish this activity on Disccrd to earn points for their Clan.
  1. 7.
    Get A Collab: If a Clan-mate brings a collab/partnership with other Game-Fi projects/DAOs/Guilds they will be able to earn points for their Clan.
  • For every converted AMA collab, a Clan-mate will receive 100 points. (This should be with a community that has 20K+ on Discord or 10K+ on Twitter)
  • For every converted Mystery Box Partnership, a Clan-mate will receive 200 points. (This should be with a community that has 15K+ on Discord or 5K+ on Twitter.
Every 29th, we will update the activities of the forthcoming Chapter.
A Clan must make at least 1,00,000 Clan Points in a Chapter to be eligible for rewards.

Clan War Rewards

Worry not, there are rewards for both the Clans
MVP: A player is said to be the MVP based on the maximum amount of Discord Activity (Chat + Voice), OWN Games Activity, Social quests (most # quests in Zealy) and get at least 1 Collab for OWN (AMA/Partnership).
Note: The minimum threshold to win Purchased CC is if a Clan-mate has done the OWN Games Quest with at least 50% or more of Purchased or Winning CC. If not, the Clan-mate win the same amount in Bonus CC.
So what are you waiting for? Join a Clan now and win big rewards!