🚻OWN Network

A one-of-a-kind opportunity to refer and earn rewards to perpetuity

Looking for an opportunity to earn rewards? OWN Network might be just what you need.

This unique referral program offers players the chance to earn rewards by inviting their friends, family, and acquaintances (or network) to join the One World Nation gaming platform. Plus, the rewards keep coming indefinitely.

Here's how to get started:

Step 1:

Login to OWN Network and obtain your unique referral link. If you haven't signed up yet, simply click here. Each referral link comes with a unique code that identifies who referred whom.

Step 2:

Share your referral link within your closed network and encourage your friends to sign up. Once your referral completes their sign-up, you will receive 5 Raffle Tickets.

One World Nation prohibits players from engaging in unfair practices and creating multiple accounts. Players who attempt to abuse the OWN Network will be banned.


However, for you and your friend to reap maximum benefits, it's not enough for your friend to simply sign up on the platform. Encourage your referral to play the games available on OWN Network. Once they have completed five games of Crypto Fantasy or Prediction, you will receive eight raffle tickets. Your friend's account will then be considered "Activated".

For each game that an Activated Joinee plays, you will receive an additional raffle ticket. Furthermore, if your friend purchases an NFT, you will receive 10 raffle tickets.

Please note that Trainee League games and Slot Machine spins don't qualify for OWN Network rewards.

Level Up

As you invite more people and grow your OWN Network, you'll level up. Each level-up comes with additional bumper bonus Crypto Credits. Below is a summary of the different levels, the number of Activated Joinees required to reach each level, and the rewards you'll earn at each level:

So what are you waiting for? Start inviting your network to join OWN Network and start earning rewards today!

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