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General Rules

How to play the game?


Rarer the NFT, the more powerful it will be in the gameplay. Just like in real world football, games will be conducted across different divisions, each with its own set of rules around NFT participation (based on the power/rarity level of its participant NFTs).
Fantasty Leagues
At launch, the platform will start with the Division 1 (D1) league:
  • D1 (Division 1) league — The player can create a team of 5 Cryptonite NFTs with a maximum of 1 Legendary and 2 Epic Cryptonites allowed per team.
Within this league, there will be 1 game daily, starting at 10:00 pm IST (4:30 pm UTC). The game duration will be 15 hours. The game will conclude at 1:00 pm IST (7:30 am UTC) next day.

Team Composition

Team Composition
Each player will need to create a team of 5 cryptonites as per the rules of the division. So, currently for D1, the player can create a team with a maximum of 1 legendary and 2 epic Cryptonites.
  • You can select at max 2 cryptonites from a particular clan in your team. For eg: 2 BTC Cryptonites + 2 ETH Cryptonites + 1 MATIC Cryptonite will be a valid team whereas 5 BTC Cryptonites will not be a valid team in the league.
  • Just like real world assets, a Cryptonite cannot exist at 2 places at the same time. So, a Cryptonite can uniquely participate in 1 game at a time and cannot participate in other activities on the platform while engaged in the gameplay.

Power Ups

Power ups help the players gain advantage by using their knowledge of crypto and tactfully assigning the powers to the relevant Cryptonites. Each player will be able to use a total of 2 power ups on his team of 5.
Power Ups Crypto Fantasy
  • Knight — Making a Cryptonite the Knight will give 100% bonus on the base score of that Cryptonite during the gameplay. For example — If you make a BTC Cryptonite as the Knight of your team and it scores 60 base points (without any rarity or level bonus) during the game, an additional 60 points will be awarded to this Cryptonite in the final score.
  • Defender— Defender is a unique power. Crypto markets are notorious for their volatility. How do you make money during the bear market? Defender is the magical pill and just like in the real world, the key is to find out the token which will go down the most and take an opposite position on it. Here is how it will work:
Defender Power Usage
Voila, you just made some cool score on a Crypto token whose price was going down.

Other Rules

  • Multiple Teams - You cannot submit multiple teams in the same game (as of 5th Jul 2022)
  • Team submission window - You can submit a team from 8:30 am UTC (2:00 pm IST) to 4:20 pm UTC (9:50 pm IST). This is 10 mins before the game start time. This is to ensure all transactions go through on the blockchain.
  • Leaderboard - Results of the game will be live on the leaderboard. Winners will be announced as per the final rankings on the leaderboard.