Leagues, Contests & Slots


There are 4 different leagues in Crypto Fantasy:

  1. League of Legends

  2. League of Epics

  3. League of Rares

  4. League of Commons

These leagues primarily differ in the type of NFTs that can be used to create the teams. There are also differences in Game Entry Fees, the Maximum Number of Teams that can participate and the Total Prize Pool. But this is also dependent on the type of Contests you will be playing, so we’ll discuss this in the next section in more detail.

League of Legends:

Within the League of Legends, out of a total of 5 NFTs required in each team, you can have a maximum of 1 Legendary Cryptonite NFT and a maximum of 2 Epic Cryptonite NFTs.

Please note that it is not mandatory to have these in your team, which means you could just as well create a team of all five Common Cryptonite NFTs.

League of Epics:

Within the League of Epics, out of a total 3 NFTs required in each team, you can have a maximum of 1 Epic Cryptonite NFT. You cannot use Legendary NFTs in this league.

League of Rares:

Within the League of Rares, out of a total 3 NFTs required in each team, you can have a maximum of 1 Rare Cryptonite NFT. You cannot use Epic or Legendary NFTs in this league.

League of Commons:

You must create a team of all 5 Common Cryptonite NFTs. No other rarities are allowed.


There are currently 3 different contests in each league:

  • Mega Contests: These are competitions where 100-500 teams participate to win rewards between 322k CC to 1M CC. They are currently conducted once daily and 80% of all participants win.

  • Head to Head: These are contests where only two teams can participate, one against the other.

  • Winner Takes All: In these contests, 5-10 teams participate and the best-performing team wins it all.

Below are details of the different contests within each of the leagues:


Every day we have four different slots happening at four different intervals throughout the day.

Below are the details of the different slots of the different contests within the different leagues:


  • League of Legends & League of Epics occur at 10:30 am UTC (4 pm IST)

  • League of Rares & League of Commons occur at 4:30 pm UTC (10 pm IST)

You can start creating your teams 6 hours before the start of a game. The deadline for team creation ends 5 minutes before the start of the league slot.

Once you create your team for a slot, you can continue to use your NFTs in other games like Prediction as long as the game hasn’t started. However, you will not be able to line up the NFTs for another Crypto Fantasy game in the same slot.

Once the game starts in the particular slot, you will no longer be able to use it in any other game during that slot, although you may line up the NFTs in upcoming slots.

You can always choose to remove NFTs from a lineup using the Edit Team feature or set them as Rollover Teams to automatically submit the same team in upcoming slots.

With multiple contests and multiple slots in Crypto Fantasy, you now have the opportunity to frequently put their knowledge of the markets to test and earn big throughout the day.

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