Scoring Logic

What does it take to really win the game?

Components of the Final Score

The final score of the team will be a simple summation of the scores of individual Cryptonites in the team. The score that each Cryptonite will get in the game will have the following parts:

  • Base Score

  • Rarity Bonus

  • Level Bonus

  • Power Ups

Let’s go over each one of them using an example. Suppose you create a team with the following composition:

  1. Sandbox (SAND) — Legendary — Level 1 — Knight

  2. Cardano (ADA) — Epic — Level 0

  3. Basic Attention Token (BAT) — Epic — Level 2 — Defender

  4. Aave (AAVE) — Rare — Level 3

  5. Binance (BNB) — Common — Level 4

Base Score

For computing the base score of a Cryptonite, we find the price movement of the underlying token in every 15 min interval.

Here is an example:

  • Price Movement — Let us suppose ADA moved up by 0.1% between 10–10:15 pm, then moved up by 0.2% from 10:15 pm to 10:30 pm, then moved down -0.1% between 10:30 pm — 10:45 pm.

  • Scaling the score — Each 15 min interval score is multiplied by 10 to scale it up. So, the 15 min interval scores of ADA would look like, 0.1*10 = 1, 0.2 * 10 = 2 and -0.1 * 10 = -1.

  • Cumulative score — The base score of the Cryptonite is simply a summation of these 15 min interval scores over the duration of the game (essentially a summation of these 15 min interval scores for each token during the 15 hours of the game time). From these 15 mins blocks the data is refreshed on the product every 30 secs.

Here are the base scores for each Cryptonite:

Rarity & Level Bonus

Owning Rarer NFTs provides advantages in the gameplay. The rarer the NFT, the more powerful it is. Based on the rarity of the Cryptonite, following rarity bonuses are provided:

Each level provides an incremental bonus of 0.5% in the gameplay.

The formula will start looking like this:

And the rarity & level bonus values will start looking like this:

Power Ups

And the final piece is the power ups. Each player gets to use 2 power ups on the team — a Knight and a Defender. To know more, read here.

  • Knight — For our team, SAND is the Knight, so, it simply gets a 100% bonus on the base score.

  • Defender — For our team, BAT is the Defender. A defender revises the base score. It changes the -ve scores in the 15 mins block to 0 but keeps adding the +ve score. So something like shields you against the (-ve)s while giving advantage of the +ves. Let us suppose the 15 min interval scores of BAT looked something like this: -1.1, -2.1, -1.45, -1.87, 1.09, 0, 30, 9.69… the sum of which was 29.04. Now using defender, all negative values will become zero and the score series would look like 0, 0, 0, 0, 1.09, 0, 30, 9.69… and the base score changes to 40.78. So, here is what the revised score would look like:

Final Score

The final score for each Cryptonite is simply a summation of Base Score, Rarity & Level Bonus and Power Up. The final score for the team is the summation of scores for each Cryptonite.

Here is what it would look like:

Yay! Now that you understand how the scoring works, it is time to find out the rewards of the game.

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