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"Own your stuff, own your business, own your way.” -Tyler Perry

OWNers are the supreme users/ earners/ decision makers in the OWN Cryptoverse. Becoming an OWNer is the easiest way to grow your income in the Cryptoveserse. Multiple avenues of income that owners have are -

  • Lend assets and earn passive income

  • Increase your passive income through raffle tickets

  • Enjoy higher rewards in Crypto Fantasy

  • Breed NFTs to make new NFTs

Users can buy NFTs easily in 2 ways from the OWN marketplace:

  1. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

  2. Pay in full for the NFT

Buy Now, Pay Later

You can find NFTs to buy on BNPL simply by applying a BNPL filter on the OWN Marketplace.


Users can buy NFTs by paying a small downpayment from the total price. The downpayment for NFTs is fixed based on the rarity.

Once the downpayment is made, users get partial OWNership of the asset immediately, and they can start using the asset to make earnings in the game.

Balance Payment & Recovery

50% of game earnings (raffle, crypto fantasy) are deducted from the user's wallet to recover the balance payment of the NFT. The recovery happens every time earnings are deposited in the user's wallet.

For eg: If the NFT price is 100$ and the downpayment paid is 19$. The balance payment, in this case, is (100-19) 81$, which the user will need to pay over time. Now, if the user earns 10$ on a day, 5$ will be deducted from the wallet towards the balance payment. The recovery payment deduction will happen till the time seller gets back the balance payment of 81$.

The payment progress can be checked on the NFT details page on the platform.

Once the recovery of the balance payment is made, the user gets full ownership of the NFT.

Terms and Conditions for NFTs bought on BNPL Model

  1. Users will get "Partial OWNership" of the NFT after paying the downpayment. The ownership will update to complete ownership once the balance payment is made.

  2. All Partially OWNed NFTs will enjoy the best rewards in fantasy + ownership raffle tickets.

  3. Partially OWNed NFTs will not be able to participate in breeding.

  4. Partially OWNed NFTs cannot be transferred to Metamask/ sold on the marketplace.

  5. Partially OWNed NFTs NFTs dont influence the withdrawal limit. The withdrawal is only influenced once a user gets complete OWNership of the NFT.

  6. There is a recovery period of 270 days from the day of the downpayment. Users shall complete the balance payment within this period. Otherwise, the NFT will go back to the original seller.

  7. Users can buy at max 1 NFT on the BNPL model. This limit will be upgraded in future.

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