Lending Market

Lend and Borrow Assets

The platform is building its native lending marketplace. This will enable players to come and simply borrow assets from the marketplace and start playing, literally at zero cost. Here are the market participants for this:


A lender can place some or all his assets on the Lending Marketplace or lend them manually to specific wallet addresses.

Here are the key pointers for the lender:

  • Earning - In the initial state, the lender can choose between 2 revenue sharing models - 75-25 or 50-50 giving the lender 25% or 50% of the player earning respectively.

  • Listing at - The default listing will happen on the lending Marketplace. However, the lender can go and manually send the asset to a specific wallet.

  • Lending period - The assets will be lent out immediately from the lender's wallet. The lender can decide to specify an end date or just auto-extend the lending period infinitely.

  • Recall Assets - If the lender specifies an end date, the assets will automatically come back to the lenderโ€™s wallet once the lending period is over. In case, the lender decides to auto-extend the lending period, he would still have an option to manually recall the assets at any point of time. The assets will be returned to the lender's wallet once the borrow period of the current borrower expires.


A borrower can simply go to the lending marketplace and borrow assets for free. He can start using these assets to play in the game. Here are the key characteristics for the borrower:

  • Borrow Limit - A player can borrow upto a maximum of 5 assets at any point of time. While borrowing the 5 assets, player can borrow at max 1 Legendary and 2 Epics.

  • Borrow Duration - The assets are borrowed for 1 game and auto-extend for another game when used in a gameplay. For example - If you borrow a BTC Cryptonite and use it to play a game, the borrow duration for that NFT will auto-extend for 1 more game. Now, you can decide to use it in the next game as well or send it back and borrow some other asset in its place.

  • Auto Send back - If you do not use a borrowed asset for a game, it will automatically go back to the Lending Marketplace.

  • Manual Send back - You can manually send back a borrowed asset in case you wish to borrow some other asset and the borrow limit has been hit.

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