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Benefits for Genesis NFT Holders

Information about GenDex, Discount Coupons & OWNED tokens for Genesis NFT Holders
The launch of the ATOM Cryptonites is not only special for all the new buyers of the ATOM Genesis NFTs but also for existing Genesis NFT Holders of the first twelve clans.

Discounts for Genesis NFT Holders:

Genesis NFT OWNers will be eligible for big discounts on the new clan mint price.
The ATOM Cryptonites will be priced at $129 per egg which will also be available on Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) at a downpayment of $49.
By being an existing Genesis NFT Holder you get discounts of upto $30 which can be applied instantly on the downpayment, effectively giving you a New Genesis NFT for as low as $19.
On the 10th December at 12:00 UTC (5:30 pm IST), we will take a snapshot of all OWN wallets. Top 300 wallets who have Genesis NFTs will be eligible for discount coupons depending on their GenDEX (‘Genesis Index’).

Genesis Index (GenDex):

Here’s how the Genesis Index is calculated:
The Genesis Index is the sum of the total number of days that you have held a Genesis NFT in your OWN wallet.
If you have 3 Genesis NFTs and have held them for 1, 4 and 5 days before the snapshot date (10th December), then your GenDEX = 1 + 4 + 5 = 10
  • The first 100 highest GenDEX wallets will receive a 30% Discount Coupon upto $30.
  • The next 100 wallets will receive a 20% Discount (upto $20)
  • The remaining 100 wallets will get a 10% Discount Coupon (upto $10).
Please note that the coupon will have an expiration date of 3 days (i.e., till 17th December) and can only be used on the ATOM Genesis NFTs.
This is an amazing opportunity for all those who do not hold Genesis NFTs to buy some and get included in the GenDex.

OWNED Tokens:

Remember, all those who OWN Genesis NFTs of the first twelve clans will receive 10,000 OWNED tokens (the main governance token of the project) at the time of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and all the ATOM Genesis NFT OWNers will get 1,000 OWNED tokens each as well.