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Early Believers

Who are Early Believers? What does the New Clan Launch mean for Early Believers?
You might have heard that the ATOM Cryptonite Launch is an opportunity to reward our Early Believers. But who exactly are the Early Believers and what is the reward?
Early Believers as the name suggests are those that believed in our project back when we were nothing more than a humble 1000 member Discord community with no product or game to show. These were the individuals who bought into our vision and believed in us to mint our first launch of Genesis NFTs of the twelve initial clans. We had made a promise to airdrop NFTs to them whenever a new clan launched and we honor and will continue to reward them for their support.
The snapshot of OWN wallets was taken on 30th June to identify the first OWN wallet that the minted Genesis NFTs (of the first twelve clans) were synced to.
40 lucky peope who minted from the list of Early Believers will be rewarded with FREE airdrops of the New Clan - ATOM Cryptonite.
Those who do not end up getting an airdrop, will be given preference and prioritized for future launches.
Here's the full list of all the Early Believers who are eligible for the FREE airdrop.
One last thing. For all those who missed out on becoming an early believer, remember that our project is still very early and you still have the opportunity to become an ‘Early Believer’ by minting the new ATOM Cryptonites.