Add Polygon Chain to your Wallet

OWN Cryptoverse is built on the Polygon blockchain. To mint NFTs and do in-game transactions in the Cryptoverse, you will need to have Polygon network added in your wallet. Below is a step by step guide to help you add Polygon network in your wallet:

(It assumes that you already have a non-custodial crypto wallet like Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc. In case you do not have a crypto wallet, here is how to get one - Create a Metamask wallet.

1. - Click on the dropdown where 'Ethereum Mainnet' is written

2. Click on Add Network in the dropdown

3. Once you click on Add Network, it would open a screen as shown below

4. Add the following details in this form:

5. Once youโ€™ve added the information click on Save. You will be directly switched to Polygonโ€™s Mainnet now in the network dropdown list. You can now close the dialog.

You have successfully added Polygon Network to your Metamask!

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