GenDex Benefits

While the OWNDex provides accessibility benefits, the GenDex provides exclusivity and disproportionate benefits.

Increased Borrow Limit

With multiple leagues and the ability to create multiple teams in the same league, you may sometimes run short of the number of NFTs in your arsenal.

Depending on your GenDex, your enhanced borrow limit would be as follows.

While those with a GenDex score can have an increased borrow limit for free, those who do not meet the requirements may also increase their borrow limit for a specified period of time.

They can do so by using $LFGs which can be won through raffles or bought on the platform for $15 each.

Edit Team

Just like how the increased borrow limit spoils you with choice, the GenDex also gives you the ability to change your mind if you wish to.

For every game slot, you will receive a certain number of โ€˜team editsโ€™ depending on your GenDex.

See below the different slabs of team edits depending on your level.

With each edit, you may tweak just one Cryptonite NFT or completely transform your team altogether.

You may also edit the power ups assigned to your NFTs.

It gives you the optionality or the choice to create teams and change your mind worry free.

Please note that team edits can only be done before the start of the game.


In case you wish to edit teams after a teams has been created, you will be able to do so through substitutions. This too would be one of the benefits that would come out soon. Stay tuned for more updates here.

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