OWN Guides

FAQs (Training Leagues)

1. Do I have to complete all three games to complete Training?

In case you’re confident of your understanding of the gameplay and want to get full access faster, you can buy an NFT from the Marketplace and unlock full access to the platform instantly. Please note NFTs bought from outside the platform through secondary marketplaces like OpenSea or through P2P wallet transfer will not grant you full access from Training mode.

2. Are my Training Cryptonites on the blockchain?

No, Training Cryptonites are not technically ‘NFTs’. They only exist for you in the Training Mode and can only be used for playing in the Training League. You cannot lend them, sell them or claim any NFT ownership benefits.

3. What is the minimum amount I need to spend to buy NFTs and get full ownership benefits?

NFTs are available at different rates they are listed for in the Marketplace. You can also buy NFTs for as low as $29 through the Buy Now, Pay Later feature. This is regarded a better option than borrowing because rather than give away 50% of your winnings to an outside lender, you can keep 50% with yourself and the remaining amount goes towards your BNPL repayment. Once you’ve completed ownership, you will get all of the ownership benefits including the option to withdraw winnings outside of your in-game wallet.