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USDC Withdrawal Limit
Every OWN wallet has a maximum USDC withdrawal limit. The withdrawal limit of any wallet depends on the user being an OWNer/Non-OWner.
For Non-Owners, the max withdrawal limit is capped at 5$ in 7 days. While calculating the available withdrawal limit, the system will check your withdrawals in the last 7 days and show you the available withdrawal limit for that day.
Eg: My Available withdrawal limit on 24th Aug = 5$ - Amount withdrawn during (18th Aug till today)
OWNers will enjoy a relatively higher withdrawal limit. The maximum limit of OWNers is decided based on the NFT holding period. If there are multiple NFTs in the wallet, NFT that has spent the most time in the wallet is taken into consideration for the calculation of the withdrawal limit.
Here’s how the limit refreshes as the NFT holding period increases in the wallet
NFT Holding Period and its influence on Withdrawal Limit
Eg: If I have an NFT in my wallet for 10 days, my withdrawal limit will be calculated as:
Available withdrawal limit on 24th Aug = 10$ - Amount withdrawn during (18th Aug till today)
If an OWner withdraws the NFT that has stayed the most in the wallet, his limit will get reset based on the other NFTs.
If an OWNer decides to withdraw/sell all NFTs and downgrade his account to a NON-OWner account, his withdrawal limits will also change accordingly.
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