Scoring Logic

How are scores calculated?

Your score and thereby rewards depends on three factors:

  • Token Price Movement

  • Odds

  • Bonus

Token Price Movement

The performance of your Cryptonite depends on the real-world price action of the underlying cryptocurrency token.

One World Nation currently uses as the source for price feed.

If you have predicted correctly, the rest of your score and the rewards you stand to win depend on the odds and Cryptonite bonus.

In case you haven't predicted correctly, better luck next time.


Odds are calculated depending on the amount bet and the total prize pool.

This means that if you bet against the popular opinion, you stand the chance to win bigger.

If more people bet differently from what you predict, then you stand a chance of winning higher while if you make a prediction that is popular among many participants, then you have to share that much with the remaining who also answered correctly.

This also means that you shouldn't bet a huge amount which is well above (more than half) the pot size as this could reduce your odds.


Your reward depends on the Rarity and XP Level of your Cryptonite.

Each level provides an incremental bonus of 0.5% in the gameplay.

Just like in Crypto Fantasy, the higher the rarity and XP, the more it will impact the performance - either positively or negatively.

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