What do you win?

In case you bet correctly, the total prize pool is split with all the winners as follows:

The Amount Bet refers to your individual contribution to the pot.

Here's an example where a Level 4 Rare BAT Cryptonite was used. Odds are calculated assuming the round ended DOWN as discussed in the previous section.

Amount Bet = 2 $USDC Odds = 10 Bonus = 10% (Rarity Bonus) + 2% (Level Bonus)

In the above case, youโ€™d get a payout of (2*10) ร— (1+0.12) x (1-0.05) = 21.28 $USDC.

Your profit would be 19.28 $USDC (21.28 - 2).

The result of the round will be displayed on the card and it will shift down to accommodate the next round.

Your rewards will automatically be credited to your OWN platform wallet.

Thatโ€™s all there is to Prediction. Good luck making the right calls!

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