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Partner Raffle Rewards

Reward Details and Redemption Policy

IndiGG Raffle Rewards - 21st to 30th January

IndiGG is India’s biggest gaming guild which is building a platform for gamers to discover the future of gaming and embark on a journey into virtual worlds with digital property rights and earning rights. Alongside, IndiGG is also actively partnering with the best gaming studios globally and locally and playing a crucial role in their foray into the Indian market to build the Indian market from the ground up with high-quality Web3 games.

What will you win through the OWN raffle:

Guaranteed $1 cash reward once you have joined the IndiGG Discord Server through the link on the raffle banner

Redemption Process:

Authorise here so we know once you have joined and can distribute the cash rewards.

Accept invite and join the discord. You will now win $1 from IndiGG in the OWN Raffle!