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Mint Raffle

Special raffle to qualify for the Mint
ATOM NFTs will be available at a mint price of $129 (full price). One may also purchase them through BNPL with a downpayment of $49.
While you can buy upto 6 ATOM NFTs, you can only buy 2 ATOM NFTs on BNPL as long as you haven't exhausted your total limit of 4 BNPL NFTs.
Unlike any previous Genesis NFT mint, the launch of the ATOM Cryptonite will be done through and only through a Mint Raffle.
So how does it work?
First, you must have an existing account on the platform to participate in the Raffle and the Mint. If you haven't signed up yet, head over to https://play.oneworldnation.game and create your account.
Kicking off on 10th December, you will be able to purchase Raffle Tickets for the ATOM NFT Mint.
You can purchase Mint Raffle tickets on the One World Nation mobile app too
Each ticket costs $3 and you can purchase upto 6 tickets over a period of 3 days ending on the 13th December.
On 14th December, your tickets will enter into a raffle draw along with that of all who participated and winning raffle tickets will be eligible to mint the NFT. Every one ticket equals one chance of winning the raffle.
If you do not win a raffle ticket, the $3 fee will be wholly refunded to your OWN wallet. If you win a raffle ticket and you mint, the $3 will be adjusted in the buying amount.